Frequently Asked Questions


What is Certified Medical Educators pass rate?

We are very proud to share our pass rate of 98% for those who complete our entire course.

CME & Workshops

How many CME hours is the course approved for?

Certified Medical Educators is proud to offer you 24 hours of Category 1 CME for attendance of our entire 3 day course (8 hours for each day). Workshops are optional and they each offer two additional hours of Category 1 CME.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Absolutely, at the end of the course you will receive an email with your certificate. Please keep it in a safe place for 7 years in case you are audited.

CME 1000 Test Questions

How many questions are covered throughout the course?

There are over 1000 questions that are broken down into 7 tests:

  1. Pretest - 2-200 question tests that are emailed ~1 month before the conference and MUST be handed in before the first lecture for the 100% guarantee.
  2. Conference Test - a 180 question (given at the time you check in at the conference) and a 120 question test (emailed to you on the first day of the conference at 8pm). Printed copies will be available for a small fee. These questions must be handed in before the 1st lecture on the LAST day of the conference for the 100% guarantee.
  3. Rapid Fire Questions - 100 question tests are given during and throughout the conference.

Do I need to complete all the 1000 questions?

While most people come to the conference for preparation for the boards, some only come for the CME. The questions are of course optional but we do require them to be completed on time for the 100% Guarantee (see below).

Will I receive the answers for all the questions?

You will receive the answers for the 700 pretest and conference test questions. Our CME Rapid Fire Questions™ are our own original & special learning tool unique to only Certified Medical Educators, Inc. You will actually review these questions 3 times (when given at the start of the lecture, covered in the content of the lecture and again at the end of the day when we review all of the day’s rapid fire questions) but we do not distribute these questions.

100% Guarantee

What are your 100% Guarantee Details?

We are proud to be the only Physician Assistant PANCE/PANRE Board Review Course to offer working PA-C and recent PA students (within 6 months of graduation) a 100% Guarantee. If by some chance you do not pass your primary care boards, we will refund your money minus food costs and a $50 administration fee. To be eligible for the 100% Guarantee, you must attend the entire conference and complete all 1000 questions on time and with valiant effort (>65% pass).

Do I need to attend the entire 24 hour conference for the 100% Guarantee?

We are more than willing to work with our great attendees but in order to have the 100% Guarantee we only kindly ask three things: 1.) you attend our entire 24 hour course being a working PA-C or PA-S within 6 months of graduation 2.) you complete all 1000 questions on time and with valiant effort (>65% cumulative pass) 3.) you take your primary care boards within 30 days of attending our course.

When should I take the PANCE/PANRE after taking your course?

We recommend taking the exam about 2 weeks after taking our course. This will give you time to review our notes as well as other reference sources.