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CME Summary Review Sheets™

These summary review sheets are a trademark invention of Certified Medical Educators to help you study during your busy life of clinical practice, family and personal time. An ophthalmology example is given below and the entire pack of these sheets (Cardiology, Pulm, GI, MS, Women’s Health, Psych, Neuro, and more) are ONLY available at our conferences. Use these to help you study when between seeing patients, during a TV commercial or between breaks while taking your boards.

Ophthalmology (.pdf)

CME Medical/Surgical Pearls & Mnemonics

These pearls and mnemonics were put together by hundreds of our conference attendees.

CME Medical/Surgical Pearls & Mnemonics (.pdf)

CME Medical & Surgical Educational Topics

CME Practice Board Questions

CME Student Scholarships – Information, Winners & Application

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